Ultrasonic Cleaners

Excel Healthcare Limited supply a wide range of ultrasonic cleaners from the smallest 1.4 litre capacity to the largest 10 litre capacity. As recommended in HTM 01-05 when selecting new equipment, the size, model and type should be considered against workload and throughput requirements, together with the availability of space and the service infrastructure available.
Ultrasonic cleaning enhances the removal of debris prior to sterilisation. It is vital that the water and detergent are well maintained, cleaned and changed at regular intervals to ensure maximum cleaning eff ectiveness.

HTM 01-05 recommends that instruments placed in ultrasonic baskets must be fully immersed in the cleaning solution. Excel Healthcare Ltd supply recommended detergent concentrate enhancing the removal of debris prior to sterilisation. The concentrated solution should be made up in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

After the ultrasonic process has taken place, instruments must be thoroughly cleaned then thoroughly rinsed using distilled or RO water in order to remove residual soil and detergents with minimum risk of salt deposition, as recommended in HTM 01-05.

Excel Healthcare Ltd’s ultrasonic cleaner range have the following safety features and cleaning processes:

• Temperature and time settings are digitally controlled and easy to use
• Single push button start on most cleaning cycles
• Supplied with lid and basket
• Stainless steel water tank
• Mains powered with sealed electronics
• Supplied ready to use, no assembly required

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