Testing Products

Excel Healthcare Limited have a wide range of testing products that are all compatible with the Enigma and Eclipse range of benchtop steam sterilisers. Products within the current testing product range include the ‘Helix Test System’ pack that is suitable for use only with B or S type vacuum model steam sterilisers.

The Helix Test System is used to perform the HTM 01-05 Steam Penetration Test and for validation of vacuum sterilisation processes.

The Helix test is a safe and approved method of testing the steam penetration and air removal capability of a vacuum steriliser. It is simple to use and there is a visual colour change to accurately interpret the given results.

Other available testing products include the ‘Bowie Dick Test Pack’ that is also a test for steam penetration in air removal steam sterilisers. It is recommended that a steam penetration test is performed daily in every autoclave.

Excel Healthcare Ltd also supply medical grade adhesive sterilisation tape complete with a class “A” process indicator. This is used for sealing items such as closure bags or steriliser pouches and packaging.

Steriliser printer rolls, paper and ink ribbons that are compatible with the relevant Excel Healthcare steam steriliser machines are also available to purchase. We supply both thermal and non-thermal style printer paper, each is compatible for a different type of printer. Thermal style printer rolls do not require an ink ribbon as heat changes the colour; they are shiny in appearance and smooth to touch.
Non-thermal printer rolls use a printer ink ribbon; they have more of a matte finish and are less smoother to touch.

The steriliser printer ink ribbon refill is suitable for use only with Excel Healthcare cycle data printers and are used together with non-thermal printer rolls only.

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