Steam Sterilisers

The Excel Healthcare Limited range of Steam sterilisers are designed especially for the modern healthcare professional they are available as Class “B” fractionated vacuum models. They are available in 8, 12, 17 and 22L capacities.

The simple press button control panel design is very easy to use. Each is fully automatic with pre-programmed sterilisation cycles including test cycles. All Excel Healthcare Limited sterilisers come with an external micro printer as standard. The high precision micro processor control system gives perfect sterilisation results.

A built in independent steam generator provides readily available steam for faster cycles. The clear LCD screen displays continuous information on each cycle’s progress. The design of the water reservoir allows for easy access for filling and cleaning.

All Excel Healthcare Limited sterilisers have many inbuilt safety features, cycles will not commence until the door is properly locked. A double locking safety device prevents the door being opened whist the chamber is pressurised. A safety valve prevents the over pressurisation of the chamber and steam generator. Safety thermostats prevent the overheating of the chamber and steam generator unit.

An inbuilt RCD unit protects all electrical circuits in the event of a malfunction. All Excel Healthcare Limited sterilisers fully comply with MDD 93/42/EEC, BS EN13060 small sterilisers, HTM 2010-01-05, pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC “SEP”