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Bowie Dick Test

For vacuum sterilisers (10 x single use tests)
Conform to EN IS0 1140 – 1 Class 2

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Bowie Dick Test

Code: 189
Quantity Per Pack: 10 Single Use Tests
Test Steam: 134ºC, 3, 5min

For Vacuum Autoclaves: Type B & S

A Bowie-Dick test is a test for steam penetration in dynamic air removal steam sterilisers.
A daily steam penetration test should be run in every autoclave.

The colour of the indicator test sheet changes from wine red to green which will confirm that the steam penetration has been effective up to the centre of the sterilisation pack.

How to use:
The test should be performed in a preheated chamber at the start of the day and with only the Bowie-Dick device present.

1) Pre-heat the autoclave, up to working temperature.
Note: To perform the BOWIE-DICK test on a cold autoclave can lead to incorrect results.

2) Place the Bowie-Dick pack at the front of autoclave
Close the autoclave and process a sterilisation cycle.

3) The Bowie-Dick test sheet will change from a Purple Colour to GREEN.
If the WHOLE square is GREEN you have a successful test.

4) Date the test square, staple into your Log Book.


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