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Autoclave Printer Rolls

For compatible autoclave printers (Pack of 6)
Available as thermal style (do not require any ink) or as a nonthermal
style (printed using an printer ink ribbon)




Autoclave Printer Rolls

Dimensions: 57mm wide

Code: 296 – Enigma 8L / Eclipse (Thermal)
Code: 297 – Enigma 12L, 17L, 22L / New Generation (Thermal)
Code: 298 – Non Thermal

Our printer rolls/paper are compatible with all Enigma steam sterilisers/autoclaves and printers.

There are two types of printer rolls/paper; thermal and non-thermal (ink).

Thermal printer rolls do not require any ink as they change colour with the addition of heat. They are shiny in appearance and smooth to touch.

Non-thermal printer rolls are printed by an inked printer ribbon. Typically they are dull in appearance and are slightly rough to touch.

Paper type

Code 296 – Enigma 8L / Eclipse (Thermal), Code 297 – Enigma 12L,17L, 22L / New Generation (Thermal), Code: 298 – Non Thermal


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