Water Treatment Devices

When operating a steam steriliser is important that the correct water is always used. Water used in sterilisers must have a solid content of < 4. Using water with a reading > 4 can cause considerable damage to your unit. Solid deposits present in unsuitable water quickly block steam generator units, damage solenoid valves and filters. Repairs to these items can be costly as well as the unnecessary downtime of damaged equipment.

Excel Healthcare Limited supply water distilling units which manufacture distilled water with a solid content of < 4 suitable for sterilisers from tap water. It is a convenient and cost effective method of producing distilled water at a rate of one litre an hour. Water distilling units must be descaled regularly to allow them to work to their optimum performance levels.

Excel Healthcare Limited supply descaling crystals that remove calcium residue. Using this product ensures maximum performance and the long life of your distiller.

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